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The Village of Frankfort, Illinois

The Mayor and Trustees and Clerk are elected representatives of the people of Frankfort. They hold part-time positions and their offices are maintained at the Village Adminstration Building.

Decisions of the Village government are made at public meetings of the Village Board. The Village Board consists of the Mayor, who administers the meeting, and six Trustees who vote on each issue. The Mayor votes to break ties. The Village Clerk keeps records of the meetings.

Committees and commissions make recommendations to the Village Board. Members of committees and commissions are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Trustees. Each committee is chaired by a Trustee.

Making Your Voice Heard

The public is welcome at committee, commission and board meetings. Notices of meetings are posted at the Administration Building and on the Event Calendar. The Board and staff typically thoroughly discuss each issue at a public committee meeting before the Mayor places the issue on the Board agenda. At the Village Board meeting, the Mayor will typically have the appropriate committee chairperson provide background information about the issue. The committee chairperson will then make an appropriate motion. After discussion, the board will vote on the issue.